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FMG Improvement | Blog Updates

FMG Improvement | Blog Updates

July 07, 2020
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Today we released the following blog updates:

  • Removed a table border and extra padding around the blog post content that appeared when creating a blog post from an email (ex: WMI) on some exclusive websites.
  • Made blog posts created from emails mobile responsive in Moonlight and Developer Theme frameworks.
  • Added ALT tags to the blog thumbnail and blog post featured images in Del Mar, Moonlight and Developer Theme frameworks. These are our 3 most used frameworks.
  • Fixed an issue in the developer theme where blog post featured images were displayed at 100% width (blown up and blurry). They now are mobile responsive and will be rendered at their maximum width.
  • Updated the layout of the Blog (roll) page in the Developer Framework normalizing the column widths for the thumbnail image and the blog post summary
  • Updated the layout blog posts in the Developer Framework so that the header image, title, author, date and share tools are center-aligned when viewing on a desktop/laptop.