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FMG Improvement | Pre-Approved User Email Templates

FMG Improvement | Pre-Approved User Email Templates

June 16, 2020
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Last week FMG rolled out an enhancement for users to get their own Email Templates pre-approved.   The highlights are outlined below and the video does a great job of walking you through the end user experience. 
Pre-Approved Email Templates
We know that users have been saving Email Templates for things like "Happy Birthday" and "Welcome" emails to send over and over again.  Often these emails require no changes or customizations before they are sent each time. Moving forward, users have the ability to create and get email templates pre-approved.  Once the email template has been pre-approved, it would only trigger a new review if changes were made to that template. 
:white_check_mark: users have been able to save their emails as templates for quite a while.
:new: now, they can get those email templates pre-approved.
:new: now, users can have a collection of their own emails that are ready to send w/out compliance review.
Ali Baldari from our Product team created a video walk-through to show this new workflow and user experience.