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FMG Improvement | Publisher “Emails” Page

FMG Improvement | Publisher “Emails” Page

May 11, 2020
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FMG Suite rebuilt the email page within Publisher dashboards and added the following improvements:

  • Search
  • “Published Date” column
  • “Show” column - which allows you to hide emails from the Content Library

Old View


New View!

Now, you can search by (1) email title, (2) email subject, and (3) keywords

“Published Date” Column
This is a brand new column and this will be the default sort order for this table.

  • This will be the date that the email was originally published
    • If you update an existing email, this date will not change
  • By default, your newest emails will be at the top, oldest at the bottom
  • Emails that have never been published - those with a Status of “Draft” - will not have a Published Date

“Show” Column
This is another new column that allows you to hide emails from advisors’ Content Libraries.

  • Uncheck this checkbox and the email will be “hidden” from the Content Library immediately
  • By default, when a new email is Published it will be visible in the Content Library
  • ie: this “Show” checkbox will be checked for new emails
  • “Hiding” an email will not affect scheduled sends - no emails will be canceled!
  • “Hidden” emails can be scheduled to send for Agency Automations

❗Note: for now, “hiding” an email will not remove the email from Collections. If you want to “hide” an email from a Collection, you’ll need to remove it.