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FMG Improvement | Video Upload for Blog Posts

FMG Improvement | Video Upload for Blog Posts

April 14, 2020
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FMG is scheduled to roll out a series of updates around the ability to upload videos directly into our platform.  The first release will allow Advisors to upload a video directly into Blog posts.  Within 2-3 weeks, advisors will be able to upload videos to pages directly via the Rich Text editor.
Some notes about this release for Blog posts
  • Video uploads are hosted by FMG in our Wistia account
  • It’s mobile responsive
  • Videos play in the editor and in compliance dashboard
  • Here is a video (no sound) walkthrough of the user experience: 
A few known limitations with this first release
  • It’s not easy to resize the video in the editor. You’d need a little HTML know-how but we can provide a code snippet to help with that if someone wants to make the video smaller but still mobile responsive.  Advisors can always reach out to our Service team for help
  • There is no way to manage previously uploaded videos. Each upload is a new video save (similar to image uploads).