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New FMG Functionality | LinkedIn Company Pages

New FMG Functionality | LinkedIn Company Pages

July 24, 2020
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This week FMG rolled out an improvement with Social Integrations for LinkedIn Company pages.  FMG Subscribers can now integrate both Personal and Company Pages for LinkedIn.

Here are some additional details:

  • This is not a NEW integration, we’ve added this to our existing LinkedIn integration. (you won’t see “LinkedIn Company Pages” as a new section on the “Connect Social Sites” page)
  • Users can now integrate TWO LinkedIn accounts. (previously, the majority of users were limited to ONE integration per social network; for LI, we’ve increased that limit to TWO.)
  • This gives users the ability to keep their current personal LI page integrated and add their company page too!
  • If a user chooses to post toLinkedIn, we will continue to post to all of their integrated accounts - users will not be able to choose to post to their Company Page but not their Personal Page (if both are integrated)