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NEW FMG Functionality | Curator

NEW FMG Functionality | Curator

April 22, 2020
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Curator is our newest, AI-Driven, content tool! Curator searches the web for relevant, compliance-likely content, which helps you and your clients stay up to date with current events, relevant to their interests and needs. Also, the more you use Curator, the more it learns about what you love – so, interact with it often!

Personalize for Authentic Engagement
Use FMG Suite’s content curation feature powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to recommend relevant articles to personalize your feed.

Automatic and Relevant Content
Using AI, Curator™ serves articles based on your interests to your clients and prospects via email or social media. Setup is easy and in just a few clicks, you’ll be automatically sharing relevant, timely content to engage and inform your audience and keep you top of mind.

Customized to Your Preferences
Over time, Curator™ tracks engagement with your topics to learn audience preferences and deliver even more relevant content. It also learns from your interests––so share hobbies, causes and other affinities to establish an authentic connection!

Trusted Sources
Curator™ makes it easy to share your interests and engage potential clients by automatically prescreening for compliance and managing broker-dealer approvals. You get a stream of curated articles from thousands of trusted sources, including Forbes, Golf Digest, Wall Street Journal, and more.