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More events are on the way! Check back soon for more information.

Past Events

January 7, 2022

1:45p - 2:45p

FMG Suite Home Office

Check-In Webinar

Lot's has changed this last year. Come to our event and get your pressing questions answered.

October 6, 2021

4:00p - 5:00p


Demo Shred day


August 20, 2021

11:00a - 12:00p

San Diego Ca

Halftime Report

This is a test event

August 12, 2021

11:00a - 12:00p

San Diego California

Check-In Webinar

Test summary

April 29, 2021

9:00a - 10:00a

FMG Suite Home Office

Greg's Open House

Free food and drinks - along with great financial information.

February 9, 2021

8:00a - 9:00a


Shred Day


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